How to get here

Anja Thomassen

Curious how to get to Agliano and our house? It’s not difficult!

By aircraft
Many of our guests choose to get to Piedmont by aircraft, and there are several airports to choose between. The largest is Malpensa (Milan), but Linate (also Milan, so beware when you order that you choose “right” airport in relation to where you are traveling to/from), Turin, Bergamo, Genova and Cuneo also are good options.

From the airport, you can for instance go by rental car. Many people choose rental car to have the opportunity to travel on their own and experience the area.

There is also the option that we can help arranging the transport. In this case, this must be notified in advance.

By car the approximate time spent to La Maggiorina is as follows:

Malpensa (Milan) 1 h 35 mins
Linate (Milan) 1 h 30 mins
Turin 1 h
Bergamo/Orio al serio 2 h
Cuneo 1 h 10 mins
Genova 2 h

Our address is Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 31, 14041 Agliano Terme, Italy. It is easy to find La Maggiorina on GPS or Google maps, but in doubt – don´t hesitate to contact us! 

By car
Driving a car all the way is also an option. Of course, it depends entirely on where to drive from, how long you spend. But if you do not live nearby; why not take it as part of the trip – there are a lot of quaint places to stop along the way before ending up in one of our cozy apartments and enjoying the view from the terrace or balcony with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine from one of the skilled wine producers in the immediate area!

There is easy and free parking access outside the building or in the neighborhood!

By train
Considered train? It is environmentally friendly and you can experience many great places along the way. However, if you are not keen on driving yourself, there is a bus and/or train service in/to our area. This is a bit more elaborate and takes longer, but check for instance out these links:, or Regardless of where to start your trip, we gladly also recommend this website: (where you can also learn about Italian train companies).

We are happy to assist picking you up at a nearby train station, for instance in Asti.

Shuttle bus
There is a shuttle bus service between Malpensa Terminal 1 and/or Terminal 2 and Asti. Depending on your travel details, this may be an option, .