Visit a market

Anja Thomassen

Italians love markets! And you will find a market in almost every little village.

At the market you can buy (almost) everything you need – and also what you did not know you needed. You can buy both fruits and vegetables – and products of any kind.

It is a lovely atmosphere and we highly recommend a visit to one or more of the markets nearby!

There is a small market in Agliano Terme taking place on Thursdays (first half of the day).

In Canelli – well known for its production of sparkling wine – the market days are Tuesday (small, first half of the day) and Friday.

In Nizza Monferrato, a small local town with seventeenth century arcades, balconies, shops, restaurants and enotheche, the market day is first half of the day on Fridays.

In Nizza you will also find the exciting Antiques Market, taking place every 3rd Sunday of each month. You can make a bargain!

Asti is the province capital and famous for the “Palio de Asti” (bare back horserace). The market days in Asti are Wednesday and Saturday – closing approximately at 5 pm. The market in Asti is among the biggest markets.

The “truffle capital” of Piedmont is Alba, and the market day is Sunday. Worth mentioning is also the tourist office in Alba. This is very good.

The market day in the beautiful and well known spa town Aqui Terme is on Tuesday.

During Christmas time you do not want to miss the Christmas Market in Govone! This takes place in the weekends from mid November until the weekend before Christmas Eve. Such a wonderful experience – you will have that good Christmas feeling!