Anja Thomassen

Ready for some shopping in Piedmont? Here’s something for everyone! Both Asti, Alba and Nizza/Canelli have good shopping opportunities, and if you really want to “go bananas”, then Milan is not too far away. Turin (even closer) of course also has a very good selection of shops/shopping centers!

However, be aware that the price level in Milan and Turin is quite high – if you want more affordable boutiques, maybe an outlet could be a better alternative, and there are several in the area. For example, outlet Serravalle is only approximately an hour’s drive from La Maggiorina – a huge outlet with some of the most famous brands. And you can of course eat here, as well.

It is recommended to go by public transport to the largest cities (from for example Asti) – as it might be a bit tricky to drive either in the Milan or Turin city center, or to find a parking lot.