What to do – for kids and youths

Anja Thomassen

We provide a free wifi service, but what else to do for kids/youths when they are tired of surfing on the internet? We have heard, they do not want to join a vine tasting, therefore we have some other suggestions, that might be of interest:

A few minutes walk from La Maggiorina there is a grass football field, and in the opposite direction – also nearby – you will find a volleyball court and a basket ball court. Some other sports activities may also be carried out here, like for instance football. Approximately 1,5 kilometers away you also find the camping site Le Fonti, with two swimming pools – one also for very young children – and a snack bar. Table tennis also available.

There are also waterparks not far from La Maggiorina, for instance Astilido in Asti, Parco Acquatico Lavagelloin in Castelletto d’Orba or Water Park Blue Bubbles in Borghetto di Borbera.

A bit further away – and if you want some excitement – you have the Lake Maggiore Zipline (approximately 2 h 15 mins drive from La Maggiorina).

The Parco Safari (safari park) also is said to be paid a visit, a charming park situated in Murazzano in the Langhe area, approximately 1 h 5 min drive from La Maggiorina.

Another possibility is to go to the bigger cities like Turin, Genova or Milan – or, if you have the time and money – spend a day in Monaco or Nice (approximately 3 h drive from La Maggiorina).

Besides of course shopping, eating, drinking and sightseeing, for instance Turin has several very nice alternatives for young(er) people. At Bounce Inc you can jump and climb almost as high and as much as you like – a really cool place! You also have the famous car museum (Fiat) and the Egyptian museum in Turin – great places to visit for both adults, youths and kids.

Interested in football? Visit Turin and/or Milan – need we say more?!